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Harmonization of EHEDG guidelines and 3-A standards

Aiming to enhance food safety by promoting hygiene in the production and processing of food, EHEDG and the U.S. American 3-A Sanitary Standards organization have many common goals and a similar mission. Both organizations exchange their draft guidelines and standards for expert review and comments before publication. The latest issue of the EHEDG Glossary was developed in co-operation with 3-A and can be downloaded from the Free Documents section.


The contents of all EHEDG guidelines have been cross-referenced with those of 3-A Standards Inc. and are summarized in a matrix available for download (XLS).

Free documents

The EHEDG Working Groups have published various documents which are available for free download such as position papers and Guideline Doc. 8 on the basic requirements of hygienic design.

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Free Documents

The EHEDG Working Groups have published various documents which are available for free download such as position papers and Guidelines Doc. 8 on the basic requirements of hygienic design and Doc. 45 on cleaning validation in the food industry.

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EHEDG Glossary
EHEDG Position Paper

"Easy cleanable Pipe couplings and Process connections" Version 4, July 2017

Hygienic equipment design criteria

Second Edition, April 2004 - This guideline describes the criteria for the hygienic design of equipment intended for the processing of foods. Its fundamental objective is the prevention of the microbial contamination of food products. It is intended to appraise qualified engineers who design equipment for food processing with the additional demands of hygienic engineering in order to ensure the microbiological safety of the end product. Upgrading an existing design to meet hygiene requirements can be prohibitively expensive and may be unsuccessful and so these are most effectively incorporated into the initial design stage. The long term benefits of doing so are not only product safety but also increased life expectancy of equipment, reduced maintenance and consequently lower operating costs. This document, first published in 1993, describes in more detail the hygienic requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC ref. 1). Parts of it have subsequently been incorporated in the standards EN 1672-2 and EN ISO 14159. The document can be downloaded from the Free Documents section in various language versions.

Cleaning Validation in the Food Industry - General Principles, Part 1

First Edition, April 2016 - The objective of cleaning validation is to prove that the equipment is consistently cleaned of product, microbial residues, chemicals and soiling, including allergens to an acceptable level, to prevent possible cross-contamination of hazards between products. This document focuses on the overall concept of cleaning validation and is intended as a general guideline for use by food manufacturers and inspectors. It is not the intention to be prescriptive in specific validation requirements. This document serves as general guidance only, and the principles may be considered useful in their application in the production of safe food, and in the development of guidelines for the validation of specialized cleaning or inactivation processes.