Welcome to EHEDG Bulgaria

On occasion of the EHEDG Plenary Meeting 2017 held in Amsterdam, the Bylaws with EHEDG Bulgaria were proudly signed.

The new Regional Section was kindly represented by Nenko Stefanov Nenov from Index-6 who introduced EHEDG Bulgaria with a presentation during the Plenary Meeting.

From left to right: Ludvig Josefsberg, Nenko Stefanov Nenov, Piet Steenaard, Andrès Pascual

EHEDG Bulgaria is going to be hosted by company Index-6. The Regional Section will be chaired by Mr Petar Spasov.

Contact: Petar Spasov, Index-6 (E-mail: spasovProtected mail-address@index-6.com, Phone: +359 882 312 206)

EHEDG gladly welcomes its new Regional Section and thanks the representatives for their commitment and willingness to promote EHEDG in their country.