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EHEDG Working Group Heat Treatment meeting in Amsterdam

Heat treatment of particulate foods

Heat treatment is fundamental to produce liquid food that is safe to consume. The different types of heat treatment can be simple in theory but in practise many things can go wrong. The EHEDG guidelines will provide practical support on how to design and operate heat treatment systems to secure food safety and quality. The Working Group 'Heat Treatment' has met in Amsterdam yesterday and started the review of EHEDG Guideline 12, 'The continuous or semi-continuous flow thermal treatment of particulate foods'.

Members of the EHEDG Working Group 'Heat Treatment': Bengt Eliasson (Chair, Tetra Pak), Stefan Akesson (Tetra Pak), Harald Schuten (Friesland Campina), Ana Soares (JDE Coffee), Martin Barnickel (Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft), Marieke Teeuw (JBT), Jörg Zacharias (Krones), Hubert Assing (GEA), Subramani Asaithambi (Lactalis), Ole Poulsen (SPX Flow Technology AS), Douglas Bremner (Coca-Cola) & Jeroen Veldkamp (The Kraft Heinz Company).


A head start with the EHEDG Working Group 'Heat Treatment' kicking off the update process of three key documents for the industry:

  • EHEDG Guideline 1, 'Continuous Pasteurization of Liquid Food', 
  • EHEDG Guideline 6, 'Continuous UHT Sterilisation of Liquid Food', and
  • EHEDG Guideline 12, 'The continuous or semi-continuous flow thermal treatment of particulate foods'


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The reactivated Working Group, composed of a few former members combined with several new ones, constitutes a very strong pool of specialists with some 300 years of industry experience. It’s also a well balanced team with experts from equipment and food manufacturering companies, as well as academia.
-Bengt Eliasson
Chair of the EHEDG Working Group Heat Treatment

EHEDG Guideline 12 will cover the specifics regarding particulate foods which possess a challenge in the very different heat transfer and kill kinetics in the liquid phase, versus the particles as such.

The ultimate goal is to complete the review of this document by the beginning of 2024, followed by the updates Guideline 1 and Guideline 6.


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