EHEDG Congress 2024

EHEDG World Congress 2024

'Hygienic Excellence by Design' | 2 & 3 October 2024 - Nantes, France

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New Guideline: Hygienic Design Risk Management


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Join us in welcoming our newest members

Join us in welcoming our newest members

First Quarter 2024

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New: A Method for the Assessment of Open Process Equipment Cleanability


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Module on Introduction to Hygienic Design now available for members

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Our vision

The aspirational goal that drives our foundation is to be the leading source of hygienic design and engineering expertise, and enhance food safety and quality across the whole industry. This is the shared ambition that shapes our role in the outside world.

Our mission

The outline around our logo captures the mission we’re relentlessly committed to: to raise awareness of hygienic design and engineering, develop guidance and solutions, provide a platform to promote our expertise and facilitate networking across the world.

Our history

Since 1989 we have been connecting food producers, food processing companies, equipment manufacturers, universities, research institutes and public health authorities with the aim of supporting and shaping the future of food safety and quality.

From a handful of European-based organisations like Unilever and GEA Group, we are now proudly counting over 750 members in all continents.

From the first guidelines for pipe couplings and valves, we are today maintaining an inventory of over 50 documents addressing 10 focus areas, to better serve the food and hygienic design market in a time of rapid industrial and technological changes. From old school lectures, we can today provide educational offerings and networking opportunities with different modes of delivery.

From a simple certification programme, we can now offer a sophisticated scheme, comprising of different equipment types and classes, supported by 12 Authorised Evaluation Officers and 8 Authorised Testing Laboratories.

None of these achievements would be possible without the participation of our expert volunteers. We are not done yet though: there are more challenges in store for EHEDG and the food industry in the coming years.


What we offer

  • Membership: an extensive network where your organisation can support the EHEDG vision and mission, influence trends, get access to our guidelines, earn international exposure and build strong relationships. 
  • Guidelines: 50+ published documents covering anything from General Principles, Materials, Surfaces to Open Equipment, Closed Equipment for Dry Particulate Materials and Liquid Food and much more.
  • Training and Education: high-quality and practically-oriented courses based on the EHEDG guidelines, for both industry and academia, in-person in various locations.
  • Certification: methods for testing and certifying equipment in accordance with the latest research and state-of-the-art technologies, to help you operate in accordance with the strict food industry safety standards.


Despite being called the ‘European Hygienic & Design Group’, we are engaged in 50+ countries all over the world, with Regional Sections ready to locally support you and your organisation.