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Terms of Use and Sale

1. General

By using the EHEDG web shop, the Customer understands and agrees to be legally bound by these Terms of Use and Sale. These Terms of Use and Sale constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the Customer and EHEDG for the supply of downloadable digital guidelines.


2. Order placement

2.1 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that, if an order is confirmed through the EHEDG web shop, by clicking or activating the correspondent button or hyperlink, a legally binding offer is placed.

The Customer therefore consents to:

  1. the use of electronic communications in order to place orders with EHEDG;
  2. the electronic delivery of notice and records of transactions initiated or completed by the Customer online.


3. Fees and Payments

3.1 Payment of all applicable fees is required at the time of placing an order.

3.2 EHEDG will grant the Customer access to the guideline(s) upon payment of all applicable fees in full by the Customer.

3.3 EHEDG uses a third-party payment gateway provider (the Gateway Provider) for online transactions via the EHEDG web shop.

3.4 By purchasing a guideline from the EHEDG web shop, the Customer acknowledges the following:

(a) The Customer will be directed to a Gateway Provider.

(b) The Customer must submit a current, valid, acceptable method of payment to the Gateway Provider (Payment Method).

(c) The Customer’s payment card details are submitted to the Gateway Provider and cannot be viewed by EHEDG.

(d) EHEDG cannot guarantee the performance or availability of the Gateway Provider.


4. Delivery

4.1 In consideration of payment of fees in full, the Customer will receive an order confirmation on-screen and also by e-mail.

4.2 The purchased EHEDG guideline will be immediately available as a downloadable PDF.


5. Copyright and Licence

5.1 EHEDG owns the copyright of all guidelines that can be purchased from the EHEDG website and its only authorised distribution partner, VDMA Verlag.

5.1.2 By ordering, accessing and using the EHEDG guidelines, the Customer agrees to the EHEDG Guidelines License Terms (set out in subclause 5.2)


5.2 EHEDG Guidelines License Terms

5.2.1 Single user license

EHEDG guidelines are available as a PDF, with the name of the person who ordered the document in the page margin, who is the only rightful licensee of that publication. In the page margin the purchase date and the IP address are also indicated.

  1. In consideration of payment of fees in full, the Customer is granted a single user, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access the EHEDG guideline(s).
  2. The Customer is permitted to print a personal copy of the EHEDG guideline(s), purchased under their name.
  3. The Customer must keep the EHEDG guideline secure and preserve the integrity of its content and EHEDG’s intellectual property rights.
  4. The Customer is not permitted to:

(i) copy the whole or any part of the EHEDG guideline(s);

(ii) reproduce, distribute, communicate or grant access to the EHEDG guideline(s) to any other person or organisations. This applies to subsidiary and mother/sister companies too.

If an organisation is in need of several copies of the same EHEDG guideline for several employees, multiple orders needs to be placed. Alternatively, the organisation may consider to register as an EHEDG company or institute member, allowing up to 100 staff members to have an EHEDG account, and the right to download a personal copy of every available guideline free of charge. Please contact officeProtected mail-address@ehedg.org for more information.


6. Returns and Refunds Policy

6.1 EHEDG guidelines are non-refundable for change of mind. Returns will not be accepted.


Contacting us

For any question you may have, please reach out to officeProtected mail-address@ehedg.org.