The EHEDG Yearbook 2023 is Out!

The EHEDG Yearbook 2023 is out and encapsulating the spirit of teamwork, innovation and excellence that defines EHEDG. Here what you can find in it:

  • Board Message: Gain invaluable perspectives from EHEDG leadership, setting the tone for growth and collaboration in the field of hygienic design
  • Working Groups and Regional Sections Activities: Explore the latest developments and achievements from our dedicated teams worldwide, driving progress and fostering excellence on a regional and global scale.
  • Guidelines releases: Stay ahead of the curve with access to newly released documents, providing indispensable guidance on best practices and industry standards.
  • New members: Join us in welcoming the newest additions to our organisation, whose expertise and passion enrich our community.

  • Projects & Partnerships: Be informed on our initiatives and collaborations to amplify the EHEDG mission and cultivate the new generation of hygienic design ambassadors.

  • Sponsors of the EHEDG World Congress 2024: Get to know the exhibitors whose support fuels the success of our upcoming event.

...and much more!


Download your free copy here!