EHEDG at the 3-A Summit 2024 in Chicago

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EHEDG at the 3-A Summit 2024 in Chicago

Advancing food safety together

As part of intensifying the relations between EHEDG and 3-A Sanitary Standards, a small delegation of EHEDG was visiting the 3-A SSI Summit 2024, to explore how processing equipment can achieve better levels of proven design criteria, essential in an era of ramped-up enforcement of the Food Safety Modernisation Act and a stronger consumer demand for product safety.

Industry experts like Lone Jespersen, Liz Presnell and Jennifer McEntire tackled topics ranging from organisational culture's impact on sanitation performance to legal considerations and best practices in hygienic design.

EHEDG was part of discussions on cross-industry challenges, hygienic design for dry plant environments and fabrication technologies' impact on equipment cleanability, topics presented by Blake Criswell, CFS. Sessions ranged from standards and regulations for packaging and processing machinery by Bruce Main to the basics of CIP by Rick Rector.

EHEDG’s President, Hein Timmerman, gave a great presentation to an enthusiastic audience of 250, gaining many compliments. EHEDG also seized great networking opportunities at this 3-A SSI Summit 2024, connecting with industry leaders and fostering collaborative ventures to advance food safety standards globally.