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Lebensmittel Technik Special Edition Hygienic Design

Hygienic Design in the spotlight

The eagerly anticipated EU Machinery regulatio No. 2023/1230, released in the Official Journal of the European Union last year, has set a deadline of 42 months for machine manufacturers and operators to comply with the updated standards. Additionally, it mandates the elimination of risks related to infection, illness, or contagion during usage. Manufacturers of machines and equipment susceptible to hygiene risks are still obliged to conduct a thorough hygiene risk assessment during the planning, construction, or implementation of significant modifications to a machine.

'The holistic consideration of hygiene risks during the construction phase is paramount, as alterations to systems afterward are difficult and financially burdensome,' says  Jürgen Hofmann in an article published on the LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK ONLINE, where another EHEDG member, Udo Baitinger, also provided insights.

The publication can be found here.