Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the members of the Foundation Board, together with the Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Sub-Committees. The Sub-Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs are appointed by the Foundation Board upon proposal of the President for a term of three (3) years, and can be reappointed for up to two times. EHEDG forms Regional Sections and Working Groups that are governed by the Sub-Committee leaders.
Any EHEDG member can nominate candidates to the Executive Committee. The role of the Executive Committee is to:

  • develop a strategy for EHEDG with annual budget, fees and plans
  • secure approval by the Foundation Board
  • drive implementation of the plans
  • approve and support Sub-Committee programs
  • manage daily operational matters through the EHEDG Office
  • organize elections
  • communicate important decisions, progress and accomplishments to the members.

The President and the Vice-President, together with the Treasurer, supported by the EHEDG Head Office, act on behalf of the Executive Committee on the operational management of the organisation.