New speakers confirmed | EHEDG World Congress 2024

Christian Geubert                     

Christian Geubert

Angst+Pfister Group

Product Leader Sealing Materials

Alain Le Bail

Alain Le Bail

Oniris Nantes



Exploring the Implications of PFAS Regulation on Sealing Technology in the Food and Beverage Industry - Examining Alternatives and Potential Consequences

As of December 2023, global discussions on the regulation of poly- and perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS) have gained prominence, with a particular focus on their impact on sealing technology in the food and beverage industry. Our presentation will shed light on the current status of regulatory considerations, specifically those planned for implementation in the European Union.

The proposed regulations encompass various polymeric materials, including PTFE, FKM, FFKM, and FEP, all integral to sealing technology. Despite the existence of secure manufacturing processes and proper waste treatment methods, there is a looming possibility of these materials being banned. Notably, these materials comply with food and pharmaceutical regulations globally, demonstrating their safety through positive lists and extraction tests during application.

While some regions, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, have excluded polymers from similar regulations based on the OECD definition, the European Union is currently engaged in ongoing discussions among stakeholders. The presentation will delve into the challenges associated with these discussions and highlight the desirability of aligning with the OECD definition to mitigate potential bans.

It will also present fluorine-free replacements and examine restrictions and consequences that may arise in the event of a complete ban, as proposed.

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