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EHEDG E-learning Team meeting in Amsterdam

Hygienic design at your fingertips

The E-learning Team (part of Working Group Training & Education) is finetuning an e-learning platform that will make EHEDG expertise and know-how available anytime and anywhere. The very first module will offer an introduction to hygienic design and its functional requirements in the context of building, equipment and process design, utilities, cleaning and disinfection and food safety culture. This module will be featured free of charge on the website, by the beginning of summer 2023.

In the photo: Hui Zhang (Unilever), Rafael Soro (AINIA), Hein Timmerman (EHEDG President, Diversey), Joshua Rodulfo & Adwy van den Berg (EHEDG Head Office), Patrick Wouters (EHEDG Vice-President, Cargill).


Online learning is an important tool that can contribute to the dissemination of hygienic design principles, and our upcoming programme is intended to be:

  • Convenient, as learners can access content around their schedule and at their own pace.
  • Consistent, as all learners will receive the same information.
  • Effective, as online modules make it easy to assimilate new concepts and improve knowledge retention. Adding scenarios, quizzes and activities has proved to create positive results, turning the whole learning itinerary into an interactive and enjoyable experience.


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