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Advancing Food Safety: EHEDG SA's Collaborative Lecture with University of Pretoria

On May 23, 2024, EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) Regional Section South Africa and the University of Pretoria hosted an important guest lecture focused on enhancing knowledge and practices in the food industry. This event highlighted EHEDG’s dedication to education and knowledge transfer.

Collaboration for Improvement

True to its vision of educaton and knowledge transfer to al stakeholders within the Food Industry, the lecture aimed at enhancing the students' understanding of hygienic design.

Professor Gyebi Duodu, Head of the Department of Consumer and Food Science at the University of Pretoria, joined forces with EHEDG to bridge academic insights through a guest lecture with industry practices, aiming to improve food safety standards.


Key Areas of Hygienic Design

Peet Grobler, Chair of EHEDG Regional Section South Africa and an EHEDG Authorized Trainer, delivered the lecture to final-year Food Science students. Grobler shared valuable insights into the principles of hygienic design, covering:

  • Key Areas of Hygienic Design
  • Hygienic Design Principles


Stay Connected with EHEDG SA

This event is part of EHEDG Regional Section South Africa’s ongoing efforts to promote education and innovation in the food industry. Follow EHEDG SA on LinkedIn for updates on future events and activities.

By partnering with academic institutions and industry leaders, EHEDG SA continues to promote hygienic engineering and design, ensuring food safety remains a priority.

Thank you to everyone who paritcipated, and we hope you enjoyed this fruitful opportunity. We look forwaring to seeing you again in future events!