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EHEDG Working Group Chocolate meeting in Germany

Safe Chocolate Production

Our dynamic EHEDG Working Group 'Chocolate' just wrapped up an intense face-to-face meeting at the SMC Deutschland Head Office in Egelsbach, with three sub-teams (Cleaning, Equipment and Infrastructure) bringing their unique expertise - and flavor! - to the table. The participants examined the existing EHEDG Guidelines, identifying areas of coverage and pinpointing opportunities for enhancement in the upcoming document - setting the stage for real advancements in safe chocolate manufacturing practices.

‘This team has the technical expertise and experience in chocolate to challenge the status quo and drive real change,’ says Dr Matilda Freund, Chair of the Working Group. ‘I am very excited to work with such a distinguished group of professionals from so many different companies.’

A special thanks to our dedicated members: Adam Ruskin (Ecolab), Aldo Pozzoli (Ferrero), Anett Winkler (Cargill), Artur Kryza (Diversey), Chloe Pallister (Nestlé), Dennis Holmud (Aasted), Dirk Nikoleiski (Commercial Food Sanitation L.L.C.), Djurdjica Ackar, PhD, Etai Shinaar & Eyal Ytzhaki (Strauss Group), Garry Pearson & John Holah (Kersia, inventing a food safe world), Giuseppe Allais (AMMEGA), Hannes Köhler & Matti Heide (Technische Universität Dresden), Jitendra Rai (Mondelēz International), Miomir Niksic (University of Belgrade), Natacha Holmud (FORCE Technology), Nikki Stringer (Barry Callebaut Group), Torsten Klein (SMC Deutschland) and Vanessa Amani (EHEDG Portfolio Manager).

Stay tuned for updates, as we gear up for a next face-to-face meeting in late spring.