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Doc. 58 Hygienic Design Risk Management

This hygienic design risk management (HDRM) guideline provides guidance on the assessment and management of hygiene risks in the context of the hygienic design of food-related buildings and equipment. These hygiene risks primarily concern food safety risks but also incorporate risks to food quality. This guideline is applicable to both equipment and building suppliers as well as their users in the food supply chain.

HDRM combines hygiene risk assessment and hygiene risk reduction via design, construction, integration & installation as well as residual hygiene risk mitigation via operational procedures, e.g., cleaning, maintenance.

The HDRM model in this guideline is based on generic iterative risk management models (e.g. ISO 31010) and has been developed to support the implementation of standards in the food and equipment manufacturing industry (e.g. EN1672-2, ISO 14159).

The methodology is a step-by-step approach, supported by several checklists and examples:

  • Establishment of scope, context & criteria
  • Hygiene risk identification
  • Hygiene risk analysis and evaluation
  • Hygiene risk reduction
  • Verification, validation, control and monitoring

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