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Doc. 57 A Method for the Assessment of Open Process Equipment Cleanability

First edition, March 2024.

This document is the first edition of this Guideline and describes the procedure to assess the cleanability of equipment used in open processes, intended to be wet cleaned. The test method enables the assessment of cleanability. The degree of cleanability is based on the removal of a soiling containing an optical tracer and is assessed by an optical evaluation of the remaining soiling after cleaning. The test is intended, therefore, as a basic screening tool for identifying areas of poor hygienic design in equipment used in open processes, and is not indicative of performance in industrial cleaning situations. Results from these tests, however, may provide equipment manufacturers with one means of showing conformity with the additional essential health and safety requirements for machinery, as stated in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and in formulating a due diligence defence with respect to hygienic design. The document outlines the materials and equipment used, including a reference item and details a thorough explanation of .the soiling and cleaning procedure. It also provides guidance on how to interpret the results obtained. The test described in this document can be used to support certification of equipment intended for open processes according to the EHEDG Certification type EL Class I.

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