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Doc. 29 Hygienic design of packing systems for solid foodstuffs - part 1: general consideration

Second Edition, July 2024 - This document introduces a comprehensive concept for the hygienic design evaluation of packaging machines for solid foodstuffs, including powdered foodstuffs. It aims to enhance communication between manufacturers and users during hygienic design risk assessments and can be utilized during machine sourcing or new machine development according to specified hygiene requirements.

The document supports the application of a Hygiene Design Risk Management concept, as outlined in EHEDG GL58, specifically for the food packing process. This guideline is based on principles from EHEDG GL13 and EN 1672-2: 2020, and familiarity with these documents is recommended. Additionally, it can be applied to filling machines covered in EHEDG GL46. Note that this document does not include certification requirements.

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