EHEDG visits the National Centre of Technology Innovation for Dairy in Hohhot

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EHEDG visit in Hohhot
Hygienic Design Principles

Headquartered at the Yili Future Intelligence and Health Valley in Hohhot, the National Centre of Technology Innovation for Dairy aspires to build a hub for dairy science and technology innovation, bringing together domestic and international resources and leading collaborative projects. The cooperation with EHEDG aims to delve into fresh hygienic design challenges, offer tangible guidance to the Chinese food industry for enhancing GMP standards, and contribute to the high-quality advancement of the nation's dairy sector.

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In the photo, Monica Chen (Chair of Regional Section China), Alan Friis (EHEDG Authorised Evaluation Officer and Trainer), Adwy van den Berg (EHEDG Operations DIrector), among representatives of the National Centre of Technology Innovation for Dairy


The dairy industry in China has experienced rapid growth, with domestic equipment steadily gaining market share, and necessitating higher standards and specifications for hygienic design evaluation. Currently, the primary challenge confronting food enterprises in the country is the lack of awareness among many suppliers and users regarding the hygiene and sterility requirements of equipment. To address this issue, there is an urgent need to establish authoritative testing institutions and equipment hygiene design guidelines aligned with international norms.

Adwy Van Den Berg, the EHEDG Operations Director, and his delegation, accompanied by Yun Zhanyou, Director of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) and Vice President of the Yili Group, visited the National Centre of Technology Innovation for Dairy in Hohhot to conduct inspections. The meeting was attended by Pei Xiaoyan, Executive Director of the Safety and Quality Research Centre, Matthias Eisner, Senior Scientist Product & Process Technology at the Yili Innovation Centre Europe, Wang Yafei, Quality Director of the Yili Group Quality Management Department, and other expert representatives. During the meeting, specialists exchanged their views regarding the hygienic design of dairy equipment and expressed their intention to collaborate on setting up a testing laboratory in China. The establishment of this laboratory will facilitate the alignment of the country's food equipment hygienic design standards and testing methods with international regulations, thereby enhancing the overall design proficiency of the food equipment industry.