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Open cleaning procedure

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Another milestone for this first quarter of the year: the release of EHEDG Guideline 57, ‘A Method for the Assessment of Open Process Equipment Cleanability’, which describes the procedure to assess the cleanability of equipment used in open processes, intended to be wet cleaned. This pivotal document was drafted by the EHEDG Sub-Committee Certification, chaired by Andy Timperley.

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Results from these tests may provide equipment manufacturers with one means of showing conformity with the additional essential health and safety requirements for machinery, as stated in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Andy Timperley, Chair of the EHEDG Sub-Committee Certification: ‘Guideline 57 came about because of the need for manufacturers to verify open plant cleanability. We tried to make the method usable at every different testing location. We had to consider a lot about ambient environmental conditions, how we control humidity and temperatures, to make sure that all the soiling parameters remain consistent’.