The technology for best-level surface quality

SublimotionProcess® is a cutting-edge technology developed by Phibo Industries, designed to provide unparalleled surface treatment for stainless steel.


The objective

Achieving optimal cleanability: At the heart of SublimotionProcess® lies the objective of obtaining surfaces that are not only highly resistant to corrosion but also exceptionally easy to clean. With SublimotionProcess®, achieving an optimal cleanable surface is not just a goal but a guarantee. By projecting specific particles in a controlled manner onto the surface of stainless steel, SublimotionProcess® removes all contaminants, resulting in a reconditioned surface that is pristine and ready for use in even the most demanding environments.


The perfect combo

Best-level results through the perfect alignment of machine and suspension: SublimotionProcess® combines advanced technology, refined process parameters, and a unique premium suspension. The installations seamlessly integrate SublimotionProcess® technology and process monitoring into cabinets, platforms, or production lines, so the inert suspension - an aqueous suspension of tiny, well-determined particles – available exclusively in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) from Phibo Industries – can ensure the precise cleaning and conditioning of the surface microstructure. Technology, process engineering and medium become one in this one-step process.


The outcome

The key advantages of SublimotionProcess®

  • Improvement of Ra and surface topography
  • Very efficient cleaning and a stunning finish
  • Isotropic surface
  • Closure of micro cracks and perforations
  • Hydrophobic properties
  • Prevention of contamination
  • Optimal corrosion resistance
  • Safety for both co-workers and the environment
  • Elimination of static electricity


The approval

Validated and certified by some of the most important authorities: Rest assured, SublimotionProcess® has undergone rigorous validation and certification by preeminent authorities in the field such as EHEDG, ArcelorMittal-OCAS, Belgian welding institute and the Universities of Leuven and Ghent. So don’t just take our word. Instead, take theirs!

     SublimotionProcess®                by Phibo Industries

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Products/ services

Ready-to-use-solutions: Transform your surface treatment processes effortlessly with our standardized cabinets and platforms. These units allow for instant incorporation of SublimotionProcess® technology into your facility, enhancing surface quality for components in various sizes.

The solution-specific advantages:

  • Fast delivery time
  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Standard yet configurable to a certain level to meet specific needs and/or preferences

Custom engineered solutions: Experience limitless possibilities with our custom surface solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of your production facility. From small-scale components to large-scale operations, we work closely with you to create a custom SublimotionProcess® solution that exceeds your expectations in every way.

The solution-specific advantages:

  • Flexibility for components of any size and shape
  • Customized configurations for optimal performance
  • Advanced automation options for enhanced productivity
  • Comprehensive support from concept to implementation

Services to level-up your operations 

Explore how our tailored service solutions can amplify the performance and reliability of your SublimotionProcess® installation(s). Designed with industrial users in mind, these forms of service are geared towards optimizing your production processes and maximizing efficiency.

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