The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1989 by food producers, food processing companies, equipment manufacturers, universities, research institutes and public health authorities with the aim of supporting and shaping the future of food safety and quality.

The association currently has more than 800 members across all continents and is present in 36 regions around the world. With the large network of experts from all the different member companies, EHEDG has 55+ published guidelines addressing 10 different focus areas. Additionally, our certification schemes have 12 Authorised Evaluation Officers that work with 8 Authorised Testing Laboratories. 

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The aspirational goal that drives our foundation is to be the leading source of hygienic design and engineering expertise, and enhance food safety and quality across the whole industry. This is the shared ambition that shapes our role in the outside world.


The outline around our logo captures the mission we’re relentlessly committed to: to raise awareness of hygienic design and engineering, develop guidance and solutions, provide a platform to promote our expertise and facilitate networking across the world.

What we offer