'Manufacturer of pumps and hygienic processing systems'

PCM was founded in 1932 by René Moineau, the inventor of the Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP). PCM Group is today a world leading supplier of solutions and fluid handling equipment for the Oil & Gas, Food and Industry. Our specialty is developing pumping solutions for the transfer and dosing of abrasive, fragile, viscous, corrosive, hot and heavy products.

Present around the world, PCM provides a wide range of products including transfer, dosing, mixing and filling systems, progressing cavity pumps, peristaltic pumps for the Food and Industry markets as well as artificial lift and surface transfer pumps for the Oil & Gas sector. PCM services include engineering, commissioning, maintenance, co-development, consulting, training, spare parts, repairing and upgrading.

The core of our business is the satisfaction of our customers, the health and the safety of our employees and the sustainability of the natural environments where we operate. Our ambition is to attain the highest level of quality within the Oil & Gas and Food & Industry markets and for all our products and services.

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Products/ services

PCM HYCARE™: Food handling with the highest standards of hygiene. It is the world's gentlest, most hygienic food sanitary pump. It's been especially designed for food applications, featuring a patented body design developed using advanced computational fluid dynamics. This progressing cavity pump will treat your ingredients, food safety requirements and budget with the care and respect they deserve.

HyCare™ uses patented Moineau technology to protect the quality and texture of pumped products. With these PCPs, 67% of the product texture is protected – a huge amount compared to Lobes pumps and Bi-Wing pumps, which only protect 15%.

HyCare™ is the cleanest food grade pump available on the market. 3-A or EHEDG certification guarantees optimum hygiene for both the process, and the final product.

Its Duraflex flexible shaft means it's the shortest food grade pump available, ensuring loss at the end of the production process is kept to an absolute minimum.

PCM HYFEED: Transfer of viscous and heterogeneous products. The PCM force feeding pumps are adapted to your needs for the transfer of viscous and heterogeneous products.

The hygienic PCM HyFeed progressive cavity pump with Moineau™ technology is ideal for transferring highly viscous, heterogeneous with or without particles, pasty or even sticky fluids and bacteriologically sensitive.

This pump is specially adapted to fresh food and cosmetics markets, It has been designed in compliance with food recommendations and requirements to avoid any retention areas and to facilitate cleaning.

Winner of the Hygienic Design Award from the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), the PCM HyFeed pump is also CE1935/2004 and FDA certified.

PCM DOSYFILL: The all-container filling system. The PCM Dosyfill filling system is ideal for handling viscous or fragile products with or without markers.

This tailor-made system allows us to adapt to the diversity of existing containers, products or production lines.

The Dosyfill PCM system benefits from the precision and reliability of Dosys™ pumps combined with a high level of automation and cleanability. The Moineau™ technology can also be adapted on this system to best meet customer needs.


  • DACC dosing pump
  • Electro trust cylinder
  • Control cabinet- displaying injection point temperature
  • Empty tank detection device
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