Media Toolkit

Welcome to our marketing toolkit! We've prepared a range of marketing materials to support your presence at the EHEDG World Congress 2024.

These resources are designed to help you raise attention to your participation, and maximise your impact.

Explore our selection of logos, banners, email signatures, social media assets, and sample posts.

Show your attendance! Share the event on LinkedIn.

If you intend to incorporate the EHEDG logo into your marketing communications, we kindly request that you use the latest version available. You can access the official EHEDG logos for download below.

Download logo - Transparent Download logo - White background

Below you will find the congress logos. Feel free to incorporate them into your own promotional marketing.

Congress logo 1

Download congress logos - Transparent

You can view the EHEDG Brand Guidelines by downloading this manual.

Email signatures: We kindly ask you to incorporate the following image signature into all relevant participants' emails.

Media banners: We suggest using the banners specifically for LinkedIn. Check out how @EHEDG uses the banners on LinkedIn. However, feel free to use them according to your preferences!

LinkedIn Banner - Generic Large
LinkedIn Banner - RegisterEmail signature

Download banners and email signature

For all media posts regarding the EHEDG World Congress 2024 on LinkedIn, please use the following hashtag:


And tag us: @EHEDG

If you are a sponsor, expect to receive a personalised visual and detailed guidance via email to enhance your involvement in our event!

If you are a participant, we encourage you to share your attendance at our event with your network on social media! We recommend you use any of the visuals provided below on LinkedIn, but feel free to also use them as you see fit.

Here is a sample of a LinkedIn text, but feel free to personalize and modify it as you see fit:

"We're excited to be attending the EHEDG World Congress 2024

Join us on October 2 & 3 in Nantes, France!

If you haven't done so, register now:

@EHEDG #EHEDGCongress "

I'm attending 1I'm attending 2We're attending 2We're attending 1

Download participant visuals kit

Feel free to use this flyer (printed or digital) as another asset to share the event with your network. Flyer Image

Download flyer toolkit

If you have any questions, need personalised marketing assets or further promotional materials, please contact eventsProtected

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About us

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Explore the forefront of hygienic design with EHEDG at our event on
the 2 & 3 of October in Nantes.

Join industry leaders in achieving hygienic excellence by design. See you in Nantes!

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Get the latest hygienic design news directly in your inbox.

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+31 610 216 958

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