Contact Persons

The EHEDG UK&IE  team  consists of the following committee members:

  • Chair: Eric Partington (Nickel Institute)
  • Secretariat: Nigel Blitz (Campden BRI))
  • Technical: Andy Timperley
  • Communications: Andy Buchan (ACO Building Drainage), Sarah James (Sika Ltd)
  • Events: Debra Smith (Vikan) and Mariane Hodgkinson (Twyning Consultancy)
  • Accounts: Steve Arnold (SMC Pneumatics),  Steve Langford (Freudenberg)
  • Higher Education Liaison: Professor John Holah (Holchem), Fiona Sutherland, (Lincoln University)

The following e-mail addresses will enable you to make contact with the UK & IE EHEDG team and ensure that you get a speedy response:

  1. EHEDG UK & Ireland: UKIEProtected
    Please use this email if you would like to make contact with the EHEDG UK & Ireland Chair, to learn more about the activities of EHEDG or to become a member.
  2. Technical Enquiries: UKIEtechnicalProtected
    We are happy to help support any technical queries that you may have and hopefully point you in the right direction for support and guidance.
  3. Communication: UKIEcommunicationProtected
    The communications team will be happy to hear from you if you wish to make any contributions to our news feed or to make contact with us about any of the activities that are being promoted.
  4. Events: UKIEProtected
    Our events team will be promoting food sector related events and would be happy to help promote relevant events to the sector.
  5. Accounts: UKIEaccountsProtected
    If you are working alongside EHEDG UK&IE and need to make contact as a supplier or member please get in touch.

All members of the team act independently from their companies in the support of EHEDG UK & IE.