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EHEDG Italy Seminar 2016

Doc. 47 on Guidelines on Air Handling Systems in the Food Industry published

Announcement: EHEDG World Congress on Hygienic Engineering & Design 2016 - Denmark

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All published EHEDG guidelines are listed below and this section is regularly updated and complemented by new documents in various language versions. The search function can be used to look for keywords mentioned in the guideline titles and contents (full-text search).

Further information about individual guideline contents opens up when clicking onto a selected title. EHEDG Company and Institute Members have to be logged in to download complete documents of their choice in a PDF version. Individual EHEDG Members (receiving a 50 % discounted rate) and Non-Members can order guidelines by following the link in the guideline description or visit the Webshop directly. For further information also see Ordering Guidelines.

Download an overview of all EHEDG guidelines by topics.

Harmonization of EHEDG guidelines and 3-A standards

Aiming to enhance food safety by promoting hygiene in the production and processing of food, EHEDG and the U.S. American 3-A Sanitary Standards organization have many common goals and a similar mission. Both organizations exchange their draft guidelines and standards for expert review and comments before publication. The EHEDG Glossary was developed in co-operation with 3-A and can be downloaded from the Free Documents section.
Matrix: The contents of all EHEDG guidelines have been cross-referenced with those of 3-A Standards Inc. and are summarized in a matrix available for download.

Download the EHEDG presentation held at the 3-A Annual Meeting 2016.

NOTE: Reproduction or further distribution of EHEDG guidelines is strictly prohibited! All documents downloaded or purchased are intended to be exclusively used by the EHEDG Member or the guideline customer.


1 Microbiologically safe continuous pasteurization of liquid food (1992)
2 A method for assessing the in-place cleanability of food processing equipment (2007)
3 Microbiologically safe aseptic packing of food products (1993)
4 A method for the assessment of in-line pasteurisation of food processing equipment (1993)
5 A method for the assessment of in-line sterilisability of food processing equipment (2004)
6 The microbiologically safe continuous flow thermal sterilisation of liquid foods (1993)
7 A method for the assessment of bacteria-tightness of food processing equipment (2004)
8 Hygienic equipment design criteria (2004)
9 Welding stainless steel to meet hygienic requirements (1993)
10 Hygienic design of closed equipment for the processing of liquid food (2007)
11 Hygienic packing of food products (1993)
12 The continuous or semi-continuous flow thermal treatment of particulate foods (1994)
13 Hygienic design of equipment for open processing (2004)
14 Hygienic design of valves for food processing (2004)
15 A method for the assessment of in-place cleanability of moderately sized food processing equipment (1997)
16 Hygienic pipe couplings (1997)
17 Hygienic design of pumps, homogenizers and dampening devices (2013)
18 Chemical Treatment of Stainless Steel Surfaces (2014)
19 A method for assessing the bacterial impermeability of hydrophobic membrane filters (2012)
20 Hygienic design and safe use of double-seat mixproof valves (2000)
21 Challenge tests for the evaluation of the hygienic characteristics of packing machines for liquid and semi-liquid products (2000)
22 General hygienic design criteria for the safe processing of dry particulate materials (2014)
23 Production and use of food-grade lubricants, Part 1 and 2 (2009)
24 The prevention and control of Legionella spp. (incl legionnaires disease) in food factories (2002)
25 Design of mechanical seals for hygienic and aseptic applications (2002)
26 Hygienic engineering of plants for the processing of dry particulate materials (2003)
27 Safe storage and distribution of water in food factories (2004)
28 Safe and hygienic water treatment in food factories (2004)
29 Hygienic design of packing systems for solid foodstuffs (2004)
30 Guidelines on air handling in the food industry (2005)
31 Hygienic engineering of fluid bed and spray dryer plants (2005)
32 Materials of construction for equipment in contact with food (2005)
33 Hygienic engineering of discharging systems for dry particulate materials (2005)
34 Integration of hygienic and aseptic systems (2006)
35 Hygienic welding of stainless steel tubing in the food processing industry (2006)
36 Hygienic Engineering of Transfer Systems for Dry Particulate Materials (2007)
37 Hygienic Design and Application of Sensors (2007)
38 Hygienic Engineering of Rotary Valves in Process Lines for Dry Particulate Materials (2007)
39 Design Principles for Equipment and Process Areas for Aseptic Food Manufacturing (2009)
40 Hygienic Engineering of Valves in Process Lines for Dry Particulate Materials (2010)
41 Hygienic Engineering of Diverter Valves in Process Lines for Dry Particulate Materials (2011)
42 Disc Stack Centrifuges - Design and Cleanablility (2013)
43 Hygienic Design of Belt Conveyors for the Food Industry (2016)
44 Hygienic Design Principles for Food Factories (2014)
45 Cleaning Validation in the Food Industry - General Principles, Part 1 (2016)
46 Aseptic and Hygienic Filling Machines (will be published soon)
47 Guidelines on Air Handling Systems in the Food Industry - Air Quality Control for Building Ventilation (2016)