Traning and Education

EHEDG Authorised Trainers

The members of the EHEDG Training & Education Working Group commit themselves to developing high-quality and practically-oriented training material based on the EHEDG guidelines. They are a team of experts mainly from the user industries, academia, educational institutes and consultancy with a profound and long-term EHEDG background. Being EHEDG-accredited, they are the only persons authorized to teach and impart know-how based on the EHEDG guideline portfolio.

International and local EHEDG training courses are offered several times a year at various locations in Europe and overseas and are highly recommended to all levels of employees in organisations concerned with the provision, maintenance or operation of food manufacturing systems to gain EHEDG know-how at first hand.

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EHEDG Authorized Trainers (active T&E Working Group members)
EHEDG Authorized Trainers (corresponding T&E Working Group members)
Karl-Heinz Bahr FR

Karl-Heinz has 30 years of experience in the starch industry and has held several international management and line positions in R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Management and Technology & Process Development.

Short Profile Profile_Bahr_2017.pdf
Udo Baitinger BGN, DE

Udo is the chairman of the CEN TC 153, Hygienic Design Inspector for the test and certification body for food and packaging (DGUV Test), he gives lectures and seminars on Hygienic Design and is a member of the EHEDG WG Training & Education.

Short Profile Profile_Baitinger_2016.pdf
Martin Barnickel Bayerische LFL, DE

Martin develops and designs test equipment and is working on plant engineering and design as a chief project manager. He is a seminar lecturer, author of expert and scientific literature and offers consultancy services.

Short Profile Profile_Barnickel.pdf
Giampaolo Betta SIIIA, IT

Giampaolo organises seminars and offers trainings in basic and advanced hygienic design. His trainings are tailored for food producers, equipment manufacturers and other stakeholders.

Short Profile Profile_Betta.pdf
Wouter Burggraaf Burggraaf & Partners B.V., NL

Wouter is an international trainer and consultant for hygienic design both for equipment manufacturers and food producers.

Short Profile Profile_Burggraaf.pdf
Roland Cocker Cocker Consulting, IE

Roland has since 1999 provided many training courses around the world. He is chairman of the EHEDG Working Group on Integration of Hygienic Systems. He has co-authored guidelines on Hygienic Valves and Mechanical Seals.

Short Profile Cocker_Profile_2015.pdf
Roy Curiel NL

Roy has extensive experience in microbiology and hygienic design & processing. He is a member of working groups of the CEN and EHEDG and has contributed to the production of several guidelines in the area of Hygienic Engineering.

Short Profile Profile_Curiel.pdf
Onur Devres Devres Technology Ltd., TR

Onur serves as an engineer, consultant, trainer and business developer; introduces new techniques, technologies and products to companies on food processing with hygienic design principles together collaborating with food processing machine producers.

Short Profile Profile_Devres_2017_2.pdf
Dias Gonçalves
Juliane Dias Gonçalves Flavor Food Consulting, BR

Juliane is partner and consultant at Flavor Food consulting. She is the founder and president of Food Safety Brazil Association.

Short Profile Profile_Dias_2016.pdf
Marco Antonio León Félix LEFIX y Asociados, MX

Marco has been a consultant, trainer and auditor for Food Safety Systems in Mexico and Latin America for more than 250 food enterprises since 1992. He is in charge of the Food Safety Evaluations for GFSI schemes.

Short Profile Profile_Felix.pdf
Alan Friis TECH4BIZZ, DK

Alan teaches all technical aspects of hygienic design and is a member of the EHEDG Working Group on Hygienic Integration and co-author of EHEDG Doc. 34 on Hygienic Systems Integration.

Short Profile Profile_Friis_2018.pdf
Satoshi Fukuzaki Graduate School of Bioresources, Mie University, JP

Satoshi has pursued academic study on cleaning and disinfecting operations and has given lectures about hygienic management in food manufacturing settings for 22 years at ITCO. Since two year he holds lectures at EHEDG advanced training courses in Japan.

Short Profile Profile_Fukuzaki_2018.pdf
Jürgen Hofmann Ingenieurbüro Hofmann, DE

Jürgen is a member of the EHEDG SubCom Product Portfolio and responsible for the hygienic design principles. He chairs the regional section of Germany and provides lectures in German and English language about all EHEDG topics.

Short Profile Hofmann_Profile_2015.pdf
Vladimir Kakurinov Consulting and Training Centre KEY, MK

Vladimir worked as an accredited trainer and consultant for 15 years in the fields of food safety and hygiene, with focus on meat, dairy, baking, fruit, vegetables, feed and bottled water industries.

Short Profile Kakurinov_Profile_2016.pdf
Jacques Kastelein NL

Jacques is involved in the evaluation, testing and certification of production facilities, process lines and process equipment in the food industry according to the EHEDG test procedures. He is an author of many EHEDG guidelines.

Short Profile Profile_Kastelein.pdf
Irene Llorca Ainia Centro Tecnológico, ES

Irene is project manager and researcher at ainia in the quality, food safety and environmental department and the focus of her activities is on food safety and hygiene in the food industry.

Short Profile Profile_Llorca.pdf
Knuth Lorenzen DE

Knuth gives lectures on all aspects of Hygienic Design, is a honorary member of the EHEDG Executive Committee, Chairman of the Training & Education Working Group and an expert in hygienic design.

Short Profile Lorenzen_Profile_2015.pdf
Franz Mader Ingenieurbüro Mader, DE

Franz has 20 years’ industrial experience, including wide-ranging experience as Divisional Head of Technology Management for large and medium-sized enterprises. He is also experienced in Hygienic Design.

Short Profile Profile_Mader_2016.pdf
Marc Mauermann Co-Chairman / Fraunhofer IVV Dresden, DE

Marc studied mechanical engineering at TU Dresden and is the co-chair of the EHEDG WG Training & Education.

Short Profile Mauermann_Profile_2015.pdf
Mark Morgan University of Tennessee, USA
Norikazu Nakagawa Nakagawa Professional Engineer Office, JP

Norikazu has been working for more than 40 years in a company that manufactures and sells seafood, soymilk beverages, prepared foods, etc. He supports the translation of EHEDG documents into Japanese language.

Short Profile Profile_Nakagawa_2018.pdf
Kazuhiro Nakanishi The Japan Machinery Manufacturers' Association, JP

Kazuhiro has a great interest in cleaning problems of food manufacturing processes. He is a board member of EHEDG Japan and became authorized trainer in September 2018.

Short Profile Profile_Nakanishi_2018.pdf
Miomir Nikšić University of Belgrade, RS

Miomir has been an UN consultant for 20 years in the fields of food safety and technology. He offers training courses in basic and advanced hygienic design.

Short Profile Profile_Niksic_2018.pdf
Navaphattra Nunak KMITL, TH

Navaphattra chairs the EHEDG Regional Section Thailand. She is a speaker for several trainings and seminars as an expert in the area of hygienic layout design and hygienic equipment design criteria.

Short Profile Profile_Nunak_2018.pdf
Hiroyuki Omura The Japan food machinery manufacturer’s association, JP

Hiroyuki is performing JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) development of a food-processing machine, and provides a business trainings, workshops and seminars concerning safety and hygiene risk assessment and protective measures.

Short Profile Profile_Omura_2018.pdf
Barbaros Özer Kimera Life Sciences R&D Ltd., TR

Prof. Özers major research fields are: dairy science and technology, novel product development, food safety, dairy microbiology and dairy-based beverages.

Short Profile Profile_Oezer_2017.pdf
Eric Partington Nickel Institute, UK
Johan Roels Jongerius Technology N.V., BE

In the last 10 years, Johan assisted in developing several documents concerning the hygienic design of equipment together with the Working Group Dry Materials Handling.

Short Profile Profile_Roels_2018.pdf
Olivier Rondouin DOCEOR, FR

Olivier accompanies and applies best hygienic design practices (EHEDG, 3A, BISSC, NSF ...) with equipment manufacturers and food companies. He is a member of the EHEDG WG Training & Education and chair of the WG Foreign Bodies.

Short Profile Rondouin_Profile_2015.pdf
Gerhard Schleining BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, AT

Gerhard is a member of the EHEDG WG Training & Education and chairs the EHEDG Regional Section Austria.

Short Profile Profile_Schleining_2018.pdf
Ferdinand Schwabe Hygienic Design Consultant, DE

Consultant for food equipment manufacturers. Does 3-A third party inspections and gives seminars and in-house training courses for hygienic design and materials in contact with food.

Short Profile Schwabe_Profile_2015.pdf
Mark Shamtsyan St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, RU

Mark is lecturing Hygienic Engineering and Design course at St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, organises seminars and offers training in basic and advanced hygienic design.

Short Profile Profile_Shamtsyan_2018.pdf
Hideo Shidara Hygienic Engineering Consultant, JP

Hideo worked with in dairy industry in Japan for 40 years, mainly for engineering design and production technology. He is an independent Hygienic Engineering Consultant and a member of the EHEDG Japan Regional Committee since 2015.

Short Profile Profile_Shidara_2018.pdf
Yoshiharu Shimizu Iwai Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd, JP

Yoshiharu develops equipment used in food production and engineering food plants. Based on his extensive experience over many years, he has been managing the research and development department and engineering department and is striving to improve the hyg

Short Profile Profile_Shimizu_2018.pdf
Soro Martorell
Rafael Soro Martorell ainia Centro Tecnológico, ES

Rafael's main focus is on food safety, hygiene in the food industry and hygienic design of equipment and facilities. He provides technical assistance to companies in the development, implementation and auditing food safety management systems.

Short Profile Profile_Soro.pdf
Bernhard Spies KRONES AG, DE

Bernhard gives lectures in Hygienic Design and Material Science. He is a member of the EHEDG WG Training & Education.

Short Profile Profile_Spies_2016.pdf
Taweepol Suesut KMITL, TH

Taweepol is active in EHEDG since 2009 as co-chair of the EHEDG Thailand. He is speaker for several trainings and seminars relating to hygienic design in the food and beverage industries.

Short Profile Profile_Suesut_2018.pdf
Hein Timmerman Diversey, BE

Hein is an expert in dairy, processed food technology and CIP techniques. He has been involved with EHEDG Working Groups for several years and is the chairman of EHEDG Belgium.

Short Profile Profile_Timmerman_2017.pdf
Andrew Timperley Timperley Consulting, UK

Andy is an Hygienic Design Engineer, working as a Consultant to the Food Industry. He has over thirty five years’ experience in engineering related disciplines.

Short Profile Profile_Timperley_2018.pdf
Tadashi Tsuchiya Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL), JP

Tadashi's areas of activities are consultation about hygienic control for food manufacture, hygienic survey, hygienic training for employees, in addition to microbial testing.

Short Profile Profile_Tsuchiya_2018.pdf
Gun Wirtanen Lövas, FI

Gun was a member of the EHEDG Executive Committee from 1999 to 2013. She has also been involved in the Test Methods subgroup and the Nordic Regional Section.

Short Profile Profile_Wirtanen_2018.pdf
Patrick Wouters Cargill, NL

Patrick's expertise areas are Hygienic Equipment, Process, Building & Utility Design, Aseptic Processing, Commissioning and Validation of Process Lines, Cleaning & Disinfection, Quality Management, HACCP and Training & Education.

Short Profile Wouters_Profile_2015.pdf
Binghuei Barry Yang FIRDI, TW
Hui Zhang Unilever, NL

Hui's expertise areas are Hygienic Design of Equipment, Process Line Layout and Buildings, Cleaning and Disinfection, Quality Management and Risk Control in Production, Training and Education

Short Profile Profile_Zhang_2016.pdf