Traning and Education


Due to an increasing demand from the industry for certification of other component types, EHEDG revised the EL certification scheme in 2009 and introduced several new certificate types. Equipment was now categorized as Class I and Class II according to the equipment definitions, subject to be either cleaned in-place (Class I) or to be dismantled for cleaning (Class II). Equipment used in aseptic applications has been certified since that time according type EL Aseptic. Another special certificate type ED was created, being meant for equipment used for dry cleaning procedures.

Equipment certified after 2009 was evaluated according to the requirements mentioned in EHEDG Document No. 8 as well as to the criteria of any other EHEDG Guidelines describing the hygienic design of such equipment more specifically. Certificates issued after 2009 also mention any elastomers that were tested (if applicable) during the evaluation of the equipment.