Traning and Education


Starting in the year 2000, EHEDG established the EL certification scheme for liquid handling equipment. The EL certificate was mainly meant for equipment intended to be cleaned in-place (CIP) without dismantling. The equipment was certified (and a logo placed on the equipment) if it was in accordance to EHEDG Document No. 8 on Hygienic design criteria. The equipment was subjected to practical testing using Guideline Doc. 2 to demonstrate compensation for non-compliance for essential technical or functional reasons and suitability for cleaning in-place applications. Prolongation was required annually and the EL certificate included only the original date of certification. In this original certification scheme, the date shown on the EL logo for each certified piece of equipment indicated that the equipment met the EHEDG design and evaluation criteria on that date and the date remained unchanged as long as the equipment design was not modified.