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New developments offer new opportunities

At the end of this third quarter, I am pleased to update you on the ongoing activities of the EHEDG operations, but first allow me to express my appreciation for your loyal support and contributions, valuable time, expertise and financial backing. Your commitment to support our mission serves the global food industry, and ultimately contributes to the safety of food consumers all over the world. Regardless of your type of activity - in food production, equipment development, science or consultancy - by being an EHEDG member, you are part of our great mission to raise awareness for hygienic design as a prerequisite for food quality and safety, productivity and sustainability.

EHEDG World Congress 2022

This October, after years of Covid-related restrictions, our global expert community will finally meet again on October 12 and 13 at the upcoming EHEDG World Congress 2022 in Munich. The Program Committee, lead by our Regional Section Chair Dr. Jürgen Hofmann, has prepared a high quality and high value congress that revolves around expert presentations and networking opportunities that you simply don’t want to miss. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so here: EHEDG World Congress registration, or contact our EHEDG Head Office. You can find an overview of the programme and speaker topics here.

EHEDG Membership Value

By periodically realigning the existing EHEDG membership services to the evolving needs of our member companies, we continue our efforts to raise the EHEDG membership value. Our surveys clearly indicate that our members wish to see EHEDG expand its scope of services, to suit both the entire value chain, as well as non-food (yet technically related) sectors. This aligns well with the new hygienic design benchmarking requirements, developed by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). At EHEDG, we have been preparing for this, firstly by participating in the development of the benchmarking requirements, and secondly by developing documentation to facilitate their implementation by our members. A new EHEDG Guideline Document on this topic is in the making to be released by early 2023, and a EHEDG White Paper focused on the implications of the GFSI benchmarking requirements will be released in October 2022 as a free downloadable document for all EHEDG members.

EHEDG: guidance through documents, certificates, and traing 

Major efforts have been made by our EHEDG Head Office, jointly with our EHEDG Sub-Committee volunteers, to improve the structure of the guidelines, to make them more user-friendly, and to better serve our small and medium sized members. We are also working on shortening the development time for new guidelines, and on defining an efficient process for our set 5-year renewal of existing guidelines. EHEDG has received member requests to make the guidelines more distinct by incorporating certain standards into the guideline documents. In the area of testing and certification, a new testing laboratory will be inaugurated later in 2022, while EHEDG also managed to launch a new test method and certification scheme for the cleanability of open process equipment. Furthermore, e-learning is high on the agenda for our EHEDG Training & Education program, particularly considering the learnings from the Covid years. A technical platform has been chosen, and the Head Office, together with our Sub-Committee volunteers, are currently developing the content to include on this new e-learning platform.

EHEDG Elections

In line with the EHEDG Statutes, EHEDG has started the process for the election of the EHEDG Foundation Board and the EHEDG Advisory Board. Two positions, the president and treasurer/secretary, are open in the Foundation Board, and four in the Advisory Board. The election will take place at the online EHEDG General Assembly meeting during the week of November 14th, after which the new EHEDG Foundation Board and EHEDG Advisory Board will be presented to all members in December. The election will be supervised by an election committee, comprising of Andrés Pasqual Vidal, Chair of the Sub-Committee Regional Development, Ulf Thiessen, Member of the Advisory Board and EHEDG Operations Director Adwy van den Berg. One of the first tasks of the new EHEDG Foundation Board will be to review the new EHEDG Executive Committee structure, as new chairs and co-chairs will be appointed for a period of three years. All according to plan, the new EHEDG leadership team will be fully operational by the first quarter of the new year.

New Chair EHEDG Communications

I am happy to announce that our EHEDG Sub-Committee Communications has been strengthened with Anna Caliendo, who took over from Karl-Heinz Bahr, to whom EHEDG owes much gratitude for his commitment and support as a Sub-Committee Chair and as a member of the EHEDG Executive Committee. Karl-Heinz also actively contributed to various EHEDG Guideline Documents. Thank you, Karl-Heinz! With your expertise and commitment to the good cause of EHEDG, you significantly contributed to this global expert community. As for the future, I am confident that Anna Caliendo, besides her daily duties as the Global Head of Product Information Management at the Bühler Group, and with her strong background in strategy and communication, will further strengthen the EHEDG brand and communication activities, and raise awareness for EHEDG to the next level.

Era of hygienic design

We are working in exciting times, in which various developments are coming together: the innovation efforts of equipment developers that apply EHEDG guidance in their engineering and designs, the scientific insights of researchers who contribute to our guidelines, the practical expertise of our EHEDG Authorised Evaluation Officers, and the quality assurance that our certificates offer to equipment users. They all see the benefits that hygienic design in levelling up food safety and quality, productivity, and sustainability. This development is now gaining momentum through an emerging acknowledgement that hygienic design is a fundamental requirement to create a strong food safety culture. We have truly entered the era of hygienic engineering and design. With your support, EHEDG will continue to offer valuable contributions to the food industry. I am looking forward to meeting you in Munich!


Sincerely yours,

Ludvig Josefsberg
EHEDG President