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EHEDG Quarterly Message Q2/2022

We are halfway into 2022, so let me start off my halftime message by reminding you of our shared mission, which is to raise awareness of hygienic design and engineering, develop guidance and solutions, provide a platform to promote expertise, and facilitate networking across the world. Now let me also share some action points that we recently aligned in our EHEDG Executive Committee meeting.

'At EHEDG, we understand that hygienic design is just one of many contributing factors to safe, productive, and sustainable food processing, yet we also know that it is a fundamental one. While hygienic design is not a goal by itself, a good understanding of hygienic design enables our members to effectively optimise their processes.'

EHEDG Membership Value

The value of the EHEDG Membership is fuelled by you, the volunteers who contribute to reach consensus in various EHEDG leadership and working groups. You develop new guideline documents, you refine our certification process, and you develop valuable new training and education offerings. Your practical experiences in various industry areas, your combined subject matter expertise, and the wealth of knowledge and perspectives that you bring to the table sets EHEDG apart as the worlds’ leading hygienic design expertise platform. And most importantly: it enables EHEDG to offer consensus-based guidance that industries willingly take to heart. Thank you for all your contributions to EHEDG. They help us to maximise the EHEDG membership value for all.

Internal and external growth

Our objective is to reach as many industry professionals as possible. We do this based on a dual track approach. While we continue to grow our international membership base by adding new regional sections and member organisations, we also connect with more professionals within each existing EHEDG member company. We increased the number of individuals per member company that have access to our guidelines, based on the size of the food related turnover of each company member. This way, EHEDG can contribute more effectively to the operational goals of our company members.  
During the first half of 2022, we welcomed close to a hundred new EHEDG Company Members, which is a significant growth compared to the same period in 2021. This means that EHEDG manages to reach more organisations across the globe, powered by our existing members who testify to the real-life practical value of the EHEDG membership.

Identifying gaps in the EHEDG Product Portfolio

To lay out the right track for the future, we need to further align our membership offerings with the changing industry needs. We held a member survey to identify gaps in our current EHEDG Product Portfolio, and the results will be presented at the EHEDG Plenary Meeting in October.

The preliminary results point to an industry demand for several new EHEDG services in areas such as developing standards that can complement our guidelines, hygienic design risk assessment, and testing and certification of integrated systems. Since these requests cover a wide activity field, the final survey results need to be discussed based on our fundamental directive that EHEDG continues to focus on developing hygienic design guidelines (the ‘what’ and ‘why’ aspects of hygienic design), and selectively proposing solutions on ‘how’ to follow our guidelines effectively.


Communication is crucial for a global knowledge community that builds its membership offerings on input from subject matter experts. That’s why we focus on developing new and improved communication tools that enable our members to connect with EHEDG and with each other.

In Q1, we completed the updating process of the EHEDG website, which is now much more responsive and user-friendly for regular website visitors as well as for participating working group members. We are also pleased to welcome the new Chair of the EHEDG Sub-Committee Communication Anna Caliendo from Bühler. On July 1, she takes over this role from Karl-Heinz Bahr, who has served EHEDG for many years. Thank you, Karl-Heinz, on behalf of all of us at EHEDG, for your long-standing commitment!   

Regional development

In collaboration with EHEDG France, we addressed the unbalance of individual memberships which resulted from incorrect individual membership registrations. Since individual memberships are exclusively attainable for students and retired people, we wanted to make sure that all our members are treated equally by offering all companies and institutes the same membership benefits. Most of the companies in France that were formerly represented by individual members wanted to remain associated to our global foundation and became EHEDG Company Members.

By applying the French approach, we now also help other individual members who represent big companies to convince their companies to become full EHEDG Company Members. I am also happy to share with you that we are currently in the final stage of reinstating the EHEDG Regional Section Poland, and that we also hope to establish more new regional sections in the coming years.

Our colleagues in the EHEDG Sub-Committee Regional Development are now in the process of introducing more targeted and transparent key performance indicators that will help harmonise the regional activities and focus on the important areas: their role is to increase our global impact by attracting new members, to actively develop and share the EHEDG knowledge base, and to provide input for the continuing development of EHEDG services and capabilities. The EHEDG Regional Sections also fulfil an important role in utilising their regional presence to understand regional local regulatory requirements.

Loyalty programme

We have decided to introduce an EHEDG Loyalty Recognition Program for EHEDG Company Members, and an EHEDG Honorary Membership Program for individuals. These programs will be launched at the upcoming EHEDG Plenary Meeting in Munich. The Plenary Meeting will be held in conjunction with the EHEDG World Congress in October. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so here: EHEDG World Congress 2022 Registration

I am looking forward to meeting you there in person!

With best regards,

Ludvig Josefsberg
[EHEDG President]