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Our new website is live!

You may have noticed something different on We are excited to announce the launch of EHEDG’s newly designed website: responsive, faster to load and providing a more user-friendly experience for our valued members and stakeholders, across all devices.



Amongst the new features, the website contains integrated forms to improve communication with the EHEDG subject matter experts and the Head Office. You can for example submit a request for a specific guideline or topic to be developed, or express your interest in sharing your knowledge within a certain Working Group.

The information architecture has also been enhanced to align with the expectations of our users: our new website makes it in fact quicker and easier to learn about EHEDG’s product portfolio and services, and to feel involved with our vision and mission. And it is available in English, French, German and Spanish!

In the membership login area you can find a section called “Brand Identity” with our digital assets: a resource for you to produce all your business, communications and marketing collaterals and ensure they reflect our branding in cohesive way.

As our foundation grows and evolves, new or different features may be needed. Feel free to explore our website and share your feedback at