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Safe food, smart processing, sound investment

In my role as EHEDG President, one of my responsibilities is to enable this organisation to adapt to the evolving needs of the food industry. The EHEDG Advisory Board supports me and the other members of the EHEDG leadership team in this regard. The board members speak on behalf of food producers and food equipment manufacturers that strive for excellence in performance in food safety and quality, as well as in productivity and sustainability, through hygienic engineering and design.














Safe food, smart processing, sound investment  


Driven by the daily practical challenges faced by the food supply chain, EHEDG continues to offer hands-on support through its membership offerings, powered by our widely applied Guideline Documents. Check out the interviews in this newsletter with Hui Zhang and Dirk Nikoleiski, who chair the two EHEDG Working Groups that have recently published new EHEDG Guideline Documents. These guidelines are also foundations for our certification schemes, and the training and education programs. 



Membership must be value-adding


EHEDG membership benefits are essential tools to enable our Company Members to swiftly adapt to new food trends without compromising on food safety. Regardless of the wide variety in taste preferences, we all expect our food and beverages to be safe to consume. That’s why our main mission is to effectively contribute to global food safety by providing guidance in hygienic engineering and design. However, the fact that choosing hygienic design can also yield benefits in food quality, productivity and sustainability is a great bonus, which value should not be underestimated. 


Investing in hygienic engineering and design is the smartest choice that any food company, big or small, can ever make. That’s why EHEDG continues to grow consistently, with new members joining from all over the globe. During the this first half year alone, we registered 37 new member applications (27 of which are processed so far). We welcome them all, big and small, as EHEDG is a great community for all companies that want to learn and share expertise.


It is also important to remind ourselves of our history and acknowledge those we owe our success to. Thus, we are currently evaluating how we can adequately show our recognition and gratitude to long term members and consistent personal contributions. We expect to implement a program for this in 2022.


Events, plans and collaborations

We are happy to see that the Covid-19 epidemic slowly loses its paralysing grip on our global community. That’s why we are optimistic to plan our global online EHEDG Online Event in September and our Plenary Meeting scheduled for October. These we expect to be a combination of digital and real-life events. The EHEDG World Congress in Munich, that has been postponed twice since 2020, will finally take place in October 2022. 


Meanwhile, we continue to strengthen the close collaborations with like-minded organisations like 3A and GFSI. The new GFSI Hygienic Benchmarking Requirements are expected to significantly boost the demand for hygienic engineering and design, and that’s why our Hygienic Design Benchmarking Support (HDBS) project, with the aim of developing guidance and training on benchmarking and risk assessment, is so vital. The first outcomes of this initiative are expected during the second half of this year.


P.S. At EHEDG, we all work on a voluntary basis, but we also need to fulfil our responsibilities as a societal non-profit foundation. Therefore, allow me to address those few EHEDG members that, even after having received several reminding notices, still lag behind in their membership fee payments. Our policy states that members that have not fulfilled their payments for two consecutive years will be cancelled. In the interest of transparency and fairness to members that fulfil their obligations, we have as of 2021 started to implement this policy.


With best regards, 

Ludvig Josefsberg