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EHEDG President’s Quarterly Update

In this first EHEDG Quarterly Update of the year, I like to update you on the current developments at EHEDG, which mark the completion of recruitment of new staff, the transition of operations from Germany to the Netherlands, as well as the initiation of a strategic move forward, aimed at further increasing the EHEDG membership value.



Transition project

On January 1, 2021, the new EHEDG Head Office in Naarden (The Netherlands) took over all operational tasks and responsibilities from the former EHEDG Secretariat in Frankfurt (Germany). As of now, all matters related to the daily operational aspects of EHEDG should be addressed to the new EHEDG Operations Director Adwy van den Berg and his team in Naarden. The new EHEDG employees have been introduced to the EHEDG Advisory Board and the EHEDG Executive Committee, as well as to the global EHEDG community. 


Thanks to the constructive support offered by the departing team members in Frankfurt, we succeeded in bringing the transition to a full completion as scheduled and within budget. In 2021, we will further enhance the new financial, data management and back office systems. Making use of upgraded tools will further improve EHEDG membership support services. New logo variations will distinguish long-term EHEDG Company Members and volunteers who, over the years, have contributed significantly to EHEDG.            



EHEDG implemented a new election procedure to secure continuity in the Foundation and Advisory Boards. The transparent digital election process resulted in four newly elected members supplementing the EHEDG Advisory Board, and one new member joining the EHEDG Foundation Board. 


On behalf of EHEDG, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the departing EHEDG Advisory and Foundation Board Members for their invaluable contribution, especially to Piet Steenard, who decided to retire as Treasurer & Secretary after more than 25 years of dedicated service. His post will be taken over by former Advisory Board member Matilda Freund. A change in the Executive Committee shall be noted by Hein Timmerman taking over the chairmanship of the EHEDG Product Portfolio Sub-Committee from Dr. Peter Golz, who kindly agreed to continue supporting the Sub-Committee for at least the remainder of 2021. The long-term service and continued support by Peter is greatly appreciated! In the coming weeks, we will introduce all new key people via our social media channels.


Strategic alignment

In 2020, we started a process of strategic alignment, based on the established mission and vision statements. The purpose of the alignment is to make sure that the development of EHEDG products and services are adequately aimed at continuously improving the EHEDG membership value. 


Under the direction of the newly installed EHEDG Head Office team, a member survey was conducted among EHEDG Company Members. The outcome indicates that besides food safety and food quality aspects of hygienic engineering and design, our members are particularly interested in gaining new insights in the factual productivity and sustainability benefits of hygienic engineering and design. It also revealed that small and medium sized food processing companies are lacking a clear value proposition from EHEDG. In particular, there is a perceived gap, according to the SME´s, between our general hygienic design guidelines and the SME´s capability of practical application on the work floor. The survey provides important direction to future EHEDG portfolio developments, support and communication activities.      



In the world of EHEDG, everything revolves around establishing fruitful connections between professionals on all levels and from all areas of the food supply chain. By joining forces, we can better meet our professional and societal duties to contribute to safe food production. The close collaboration between EHEDG, 3A SSI and the food industry, and the new Hygienic Benchmarking Requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), are great examples of this. A new Hygienic Design Benchmarking Support (HDBS) project is in execution within EHEDG, with the aim of developing guidance and training on benchmarking and risk assessment, facilitating the certification of production facilities. The first outcomes of this initiative are expected before the end of this year.


EHEDG is ready to advance, so I encourage you to connect and work together, so we can successfully serve our great common cause together. Thank you for your attention.   



With best regards, 

EHEDG President Ludvig Josefsberg