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EHEDG Sub-Committee Communication Team:

We are the EHEDG Communication Team. We support EHEDG Working Groups with communication services.

Two years ago, we embarked on a venture to increase the visibility of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, to reach a wider audience of food industry stakeholders. Want to know where we are heading? Tap on 'read more' to learn more about our EHEDG communication support services, and connect with us on LinkedIn to start benefitting from it:


We set up online communication platforms, developed magazines, brochures and leaflets, and we started publishing articles, video reports and interviews on the EHEDG website, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube channels. By now, we've managed to reach our first goal: attract a high-quality group of industry food and food safety industry professionals for our publications. The group of food industry professionals that follows EHEDG online keeps on growing steadily, from 200 when we started out to the current 6500 food processing and food processing equipment professionals that are eager to hear what EHEDG has to say about hygienic engineering and design. So now is the time to share your knowledge and views, in EHEDG Working Groups, and on our EHEDG Publication Platforms. Welcome in the golden era of hygienic design!

Questions to answer
EHEDG wants to be a lively community that actively promotes the benefits of hygienic design by offering hands-on support to the industry. That’s why our next goal is to actively connect food industry stakeholders with EHEDG subject matter experts. In the coming years, we plan to find new ways to unpack the wealth of expertise available within this growing expert community, and we need your support to do so successfully. Our audience is looking for practical answers to practical questions about hygienic engineering and design - questions like: what level of hygienic design do I need for my application? How do I reach that level? Where do I start? How do I apply the guidelines, certification and training offerings to optimise the food safety, productivity and sustainability of my food processes? If you can provide clear answers to these questions, contact us. If you can share best practices that illustrate the value of hygienic design, contact us. If you are passionate about a new innovation that can help EHEDG members to move forward, contact us at: editorialProtected

Where do you fit in?
Did you contribute to an EHEDG Guideline Document and could you help an equipment manufacturer to apply that guideline in an engineering process? Why not share your expertise in one of our future Q&A sessions? Or are you an EHEDG Authorised Trainer who can lead an online masterclass for food producers striving to optimise their operations and maintenance results? Why not let us know how you apply hygienic engineering and design? Send your contact info to and we might well be able to connect you with your future audience. 

Supporting Working Groups and Sub-Committees
The EHEDG Sub-Com Communication Team currently offers a set of communication services for EHEDG Working Groups that are about to publish a new guideline update. These existing efforts are aimed at generating interest and media exposure for the new guideline documents, so that more food industry stakeholders take notice of the practical value of each new official EHEDG Guideline Document. We now plan to expand this communication support by connecting food industry stakeholders with EHEDG subject matter experts who can answer their practical questions. Simultaneously, we are developing an editorial support service for all active EHEDG Working Groups to free them from the burden of tedious word-smithery, which often consumes big portions of the working group meetings. By making use of this editorial support during the guideline development process, the working group members can focus entirely on discussing the actual contents of their guideline. We expect this to significantly speed up the guideline development processes. Last but not least, we actively support the other EHEDG Sub- Committees (EHEDG Sub-Committee Regional Development and EHEDG Sub-Committee Product Portfolio) in their communication activities.

Future steps: new communication goals and projects
In the coming years, we continue to show to a growing audience that EHEDG helps to make smarter engineering, design and investment decisions for improving food safety, food quality, productivity, sustainability, and consequently the profitability of industrial food processing. We will deliver hands-on, practical information and provide communication support for a number of projects, like the development of new online training modules, new publication materials, online expert platforms, and a more user-friendly EHEDG website. A guideline search engine to unlock the valuable information in the EHEDG Guideline Documents effectively is also in progress of being developed.

We are happy to contribute to the important societal mission of EHEDG to support food safety, food quality, productivity and sustainability, and to present EHEDG to the world as the leading expertise community in hygienic engineering and design. To do that effectively, we need your support, your expertise and your engagement. The first step is to get in touch with, so please do so, by sending us an email at: We are happy to connect.

With best regards,

EHEDG Sub-Committee Communication
Cristina Annoni, Lammert Baas, Claudia Baenen, Karl-Heinz Bahr, Bengt Eliasson, Michael Evers, Susanne Flenner, Rob Groot, Kees van de Watering.  

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