Working Group Materials of Construction

EHEDG Doc. 32 on Materials of Construction for Equipment in Contact with Food (published in 2005) is one of the more-extensive EHEDG Guidelines. Legislation has changed since then and new families of materials are being used for food contact. Therefore, the document is due for update to reflect these changes.

However, the Working Group does not currently have available to it appropriate expertise in a number of areas.  So, rather than wait until a full complement of experts can be drawn together to prepare sections on all Food Contact Materials simultaneously, it has been decided to restructure the Guideline to facilitate its update in stages as the necessary expertise becomes available.The group will start with the ‘core’ of the Guideline ? Objectives and Scope, Normative References, etc.? but then establish a series of Appendices on topics including Legislation, Metals, Elastomers and Plastics, and, as soon as possible, Composites, Ceramics & Glasses, Nano-materials, Anti-microbial surfaces, Adhesives and Solders & Brazes.The Working Group is co-Chaired by Eric Partington (the Nickel Institute, Phone: (+44 12) 85 61 00 14, Email: and Rehana Mukhtar (Tetra Pak®, Phone: (+46 733) 362601, Email:, who will draw together (and usually Chair) the specialist Working Parties.  Eric and Rehana would be very pleased to hear from volunteers who would like to help prepare the sections on the new families of materials which they feel it is so important are added to the Guideline.If willing to contribute to the working group or for further information, please contact Ms. Susanne Flenner at, phone: (+49 69) 66 03 12 17.