Result of the EHEDG Elections 2017

After closing of the election and completion of the vote counting, we are pleased to inform you of the voting results.

The EHEDG Advisory Board members elected for the term 2018 to 2020 will be:

  • Matilda Freund (Mondeléz, Switzerland)
  • Hugo Piguet (Nestlé, Switzerland)
  • Holger Schmidt (ABB, Germany)
  • Ulf Thiessen (GEA, Germany)
  • Hein Timmerman (Diversey, Belgium)
  • Paul Wirtz (Tetra Pak, Sweden)


The persons re-elected for the positions of the EHEDG President, Vice-President and Treasurer/Secretary for the term 2018 to 2020 will be:

  • Ludvig Josefsberg (Tetra Pak, Sweden) as the EHEDG President
  • Patrick Wouters (Cargill, the Netherlands) as the EHEDG Vice President
  • Piet Steenaard (Netherlands) as the EHEDG Treasurer and Secretary.


In the name of the EHEDG Foundation Board, the Executive Committee and the Election Committee, we thank all candidates for having volunteered to actively contribute to the good work of EHEDG. We express our sincere congratulations and thanks to all those who have been elected and who are going to take over an important role in EHEDG.

Finally, many thanks to the EHEDG General Assembly Members who have taken advantage of casting their votes in the EHEDG Elections 2017.