Publication of Doc. 47 on Air Handling Systems in the Food Industry

The Working Group "Air Handling" recently finalized their document on 'Guidelines on Air Handling Systems in the Food Industry - Air Quality Control for Building Ventilation' (Doc. 47).

The "Guidelines on air handling systems in the food industry - air quality control for building ventilation" have a focus on air handling systems installed for food factory building ventilation and its air quality control. Supply systems for process air, compressed air and exhaust air systems such as grease filter systems or dust removal units are excluded from the scope of this document.
These guidelines are intended to assist food producers in the design, selection, installation, and operation of air handling systems to meet the air quality and hygienic requirements of the food manufacturing process. Information is provided on the role of air systems in achieving and maintaining microbiological standards in food products. The guidelines cover the choice of systems, air filtration types, system concepts, construction, maintenance, sanitation, testing, commissioning, validation and system monitoring.
The document is available effective immediately from the EHEDG website for download by company and institute members as well as for sale from the webshop.
Please be informed that Doc. 30 on 'Guidelines on air handling in the food industry' will be withdrawn effective immediately as decided by the Executive Committee. Doc. 30 has been integrated into Doc. 47.