New EHEDG Guideline Publications

Publication of the Second Editions of EHEDG Guidelines Doc. 1, Doc. 6 and Doc. 38

After completion of the work and finalization of the document review, we are pleased to hereby announce the publication of the

  • Second Edition of EHEDG Doc. 1 on Continuous Pasteurization of Liquid Food

  • Second Edition of EHEDG Doc. 6 on Continuous UHT Sterilization of Liquid Food

  • Second Edition of EHEDG Doc. 38 on Hygienic Engineering of Rotary Valves in Process Lines for Dry Particulate Materials

We express our sincere thanks to the Working Group 'Heat Treatment' (Doc. 1 & 6) under leadership of Bengt Eliasson and the Working Group 'Dry Materials Handling' (Doc. 38) under leadership of Karel Mager for having successfully updated the documents in numerous voluntary hours.

The documents are available effective immediately from the EHEDG website for download by company and institute members as well as for sale from the webshop.