Managing Hygiene in a Changing World

EHEDG Belgium participates in the 5th edition of 'Hygiene for Food' on the 12th of October 2017. The programme of the event 'Managing Hygiene in a Changing World' gives an overview of the most recent developments and research results in the field of hygiene in the food industry.

Hygiene requirements always become more stringent and the objective of a permanent hygienic factory is one of the corner stones of operational excellence. Besides the trend to automate and digitize the food factory, it is of paramount importance to maintain hygiene during food production so as to produce food that is safe to consume. Food producers are supported by suppliers (equipment manufacturers, R&D suppliers and cleaning companies) via innovation, hence making a contribution in realizing 'World Class Hygiene in Food Production'. Together they create an ecosystem of companies bringing 'World Class Hygiene in Food Production' in practice, as such reducing the risk of recalls. The result is a competitive food industry worldwide recognized for bringing high quality products to the market.

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