EHEDG Working Group Valves

The EHEDG Working Group Valves is currently working on extending the scope of the existing guidelines Doc. 14 "Hygienic design of valves for food processing" (2nd edition, 2004) and Doc. 20 "Hygienic design and safe use of double-seat mixproof valves" (1st edition 2000) to additional topics like the use of different valve types and their special features in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry, the static and dynamic closing behaviour of different valve types as well as cleaning and environmental aspects.  It will apply to all valves to be used in contact with fluid food or food constituents to be processed hygienically or aseptically like butterfly valves, single-seat valves, mixproof valves, process valves, etc.

International experts mainly from the user industries, (pharmaceutical) engineers and validation consultants are still welcome to join the group. All EHEDG members and other experts interested to contribute by their know-how are requested to contact the Working Group Chairman Ulf Thiessen or the EHEDG Secretariat.

Mr. Ulf Thiessen
GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

Phone: (+49 41 55) 49 27 09
E-Mail: ulf.thiessenProtected