EHEDG Working Group Foreign Bodies

Working Group on Foreign Bodies started in February 2017

Although considered as a major problem for the food industry and referred to in the majority of customer and consumer claims, the topic of "Foreign Bodies" is not yet covered in the existing EHEDG guidelines. Further, Foreign Body control is a requirement of Food Safety GFSI standards (IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000 etc.) and also referenced in client standards of e.g. Tesco, Yum, Mc Donald’s. We are therefore pleased to announce the start of a new EHEDG Working Group on Foreign Bodies in order to fill this gap in our guideline portfolio.

"Apart from representing a potential hazard, the ingestion of foreign material from foods can cause a range of health problems. Even in cases where no injury has occurred, foreign bodies in foods were leading to commercial damage by consumer complaints. Physical contamination incidents are often reported in newspapers and in television news bulletins, generating widespread publicity, particularly in cases where products have to be recalled. Occurrence of a foreign body in a particular food can undermine the reputation of the brand, the company that manufactures it and the supermarket that sells it. It may also lead to bankruptcy of smaller enterprises, due to the costs incurred by recalling the product and replacing it, litigation expenses and payment of damages. Hence, detection of foreign bodies during food processing is of vital importance to the manufacturers, but due of lack of selectivity and sensitivity of detectors it is obvious that hygienic design can help to better control this issue. Appropriate use of state-of-the-art technology as a part of a comprehensive risk prevention and management strategies should enable the food industry to face these challenges and to minimize the occurrence of such incidents." (Olivier Rondouin)

The Working Group is kindly chaired by

Olivier Rondouin
Food Safety Management System, Food Contact Materials & Hygienic Design Specialist
Regulatory expert & EHEDG authorized trainer
Phone: + 33 (0)7 82 64 21 69