EHEDG Working Group Food Refrigeration Equipment

For further information please see the detailed press release (PDF).

The kick-off meeting brought together the top experts and key companies in refrigerated food processing across Europe to discuss the integration of state-of-the-art hygienic design solutions in modern refrigeration technology. It was agreed that the first anticipated guideline will highlight both chilled and frozen food production processes and systems. Although the hygienic risks for chilled and frozen foods are of different nature, these systems possess numerous design similarities which require such an integrated approach. 

The guideline on refrigerated food processing equipment will describe common industrial systems for chilling and freezing of solid, semi-solid or liquid products of plant or animal origin. Packaging of refrigerated commodities, along with refrigerated processing of liquid foods, beverages and ice cream will initially be kept out of the scope but these topics deserve future attention.

The Working Party liaises with other important international organisations involved with food refrigeration such as IIR, IAR, ECSLA, Global Cold Chain Alliance – IARW/WFLO, etc.

Future activities and publications will address refrigeration facilities and equipment throughout the entire cold chain for refrigerated processing, warehousing (cold storage), distribution and retail of chilled and frozen food commodities. Novel and emerging food refrigeration technologies and their implications for the hygienic engineering and design will be explored, while the organisation of an international conference might be another future target.

The Working Party is still open for new members. Whether you are an expert from a multinational food producer or equipment manufacturer, from a dynamic SME (producing or operating industrial food chilling and freezing systems) or from a famous academic and research centre, we will be pleased to welcome you on board of the Working Group team. For more details please see the call for experts (PDF).

For any questions or further information required, please contact the EHEDG Secretariat or the

Ass. Prof. Kostadin Fikiin
Technical University of Sofia

Phon: (+359 2) 9 65 33 22