EHEDG Working Group Fish Processing

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The future EHEDG document "Hygienic Design Requirements for the Processing of Fresh Fish" will describe and illustrate how the design principles of EHEDG Documents Doc. 8 'Hygienic Equipment Design Criteria' and Doc. 13 'Hygienic Design of Open Equipment for Processing of Food' can be applied to the mechanized and/or automated processing of fish. Fish processing includes many different types of open equipment.

This document will cover the processing of fresh fish from grading, gutting, de-heading, deboning, pin-boning, trim-ming, filleting, skinning and portioning (including its ice producing system) until packaging. However, the first edition of the document will not cover further fish processing including the smoking, cooking, frying, marinating etc. or the manual processing of fish.

For more details please contact the EHEDG Secretariat or the Working Group Chair:

Dr. Sanja Vidacek
University of Zagreb, Laboratory for Meat & Fish Technology

Phone: (+385 1) 4 60 51 26