EHEDG Working Group "Building Design"

Now available: EHEDG Guideline Doc. 44 on Hygienic Design Principles for Food Factories.

This document provides those responsible for the design and construction of food factories with best hygienic practice guidelines. Following the advice in this document should, therefore, ensure that the building will be designed to the minimum hygienic building design standards that are applicable worldwide. Whilst primarily aimed at food manufacturing sites, this guidance is also applicable to food service buildings. This document does not consider any international or national building standards or safety standards (e.g. fire). It also does not cover hygiene within the construction process which is intended to be provided via EHEDG guidance on maintenance procedures. This document does, however, assume that buildings will be constructed following general civil engineering best practice as failures in the construction process will lead to potential unhygienic features related to hazard harbourage and the reduction of cleaning efficacy. It is also recognised that during the project development, the scope of some hygienic design features may have changed in an effort to reduce costs. In such cases it may be possible to argue for the hygienic approach based upon the long term costs of any additional measures necessary to ensure the hygienic functioning of the alternative approach, e.g. the extra cost per day of any additional hygienic practices required.

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