EHEDG Working Group Bakery Equipment

The EHEDG Working Group Bakery Equipment was officially started by a kick-off meeting on 21 February 2013 at VDMA Frankfurt/Germany under chairmanship of Dr. Gerhard Hauser.

The experts involved are aiming to create a commonly accepted technical guideline for the bakery industry with a focus on the cleanability of equipment used in all manufacturing stages, in relation to hygienic production processes as well as in respect to adequate storage and cleaning methods. The future document will provide practical guidance in respect to the hygiene requirements in equipment and plants used in the bakery industry by taking into consideration the special challenges of the industry like high product diversity, mix-up of dry and wet cleaning sections, re-contamination risks, raw material delivery and packaging areas.

At present, the meetings are held in German due to no other languages represented in the group. The document draft and the meeting minutes will be prepared both in English and German language. Comments and active support of non-German speaking experts are welcome of course.

For further information and if interested in sharing in the good work, please contact the Chairman Dr. Gerhard Hauser or the EHEDG Secretariat.

Dr. Gerhard Hauser

Phone: (+49 89) 3 19 12 67
E-Mail: gerhardwrhauserProtected