EHEDG Partnerhip in the EU ERASMUS Project (2015-2018)

EHEDG is glad to be a partner of above project which aims to support Thai universities to modernise and improve a higher education in the field of beverage technology by establishing an education & training concept for beverage technicians and engineers.

The project aims at creating sector-specific competences and soft skills like e.g. project management, innovation management, entrepreneurial skills and understanding of legal regulations. The study program is focused on: 

- hygiene (GMP, HACCP, Hygienic Design): filling gaps between engineering and food science
  environmental aspects (energy saving, waste reduction)

- soft skills (teamwork, critical thinking, project management, English language)

- qualification according international standards and implementation in HE and CPD.

As a project result, it is aimed to create a "Joint EU-SEA Beverage Academy", which will enhance the collaboration between universities and industry partners.

For more details, please see the following website: