Is EHEDG a profit making organisation?

No. The monies raised by EHEDG are used to ensure that technical research, development of best practice guidelines and the dissemination of information is provided across all regions of Europe. In addition, by using its funds EHEDG is now actively promoting best practice across other parts of the world.

How do I become a member?

Please find all details and application forms under Membership. In order to learn more about your benefits and membership conditions, please consult with the EHEDG UK & IE Contact Persons or the EHEDG Secretariat.

How can I get involved with EHEDG in the UK & Ireland?

Please make contact with the Chair or Secretariat of the UK & IE organisation who will happily discuss how you can become more involved with the group.

What technical support and training can I get from EHEDG?

A wide range of training and support is available from EHEDG both in the UK and further afield across Europe. There are a number of training programmes which are available and advertised on the main EHEDG website. In addition, member organisations such as Campden BRI also provide training and support. For more information contact UKIEtechnicalProtected mail-address@ehedg.org 

Who writes EHEDG guidelines and technical documents?

All technical information is written by member companies and individuals with specific technical knowledge. Documents are peer reviewed before release and edited by a number highly regarded experts. All EHEDG documents can be found on the main website in the Guidelines chapter, same as the Working Groups and News about the documents in progress.

How can I obtain best practice information?

Information can be provided to members and is readily available as downloads from the website.

If you have any questions please contact us at: UKIEenquiriesProtected mail-address@ehedg.org