EHEDG has been making significant milestones in Romania

EHEDG has been making significant milestones in Romania by spreading our presence at regional events.

Last month (September 2023), EHEDG Romania had a stand at the fair organised on the occasion of the “Researchers Night Event” at the Research Institute of Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. This exciting event is organised annually on the last Friday of September in over 300 European cities, to celebrate knowledge, discoveries, and the benefits of research. All students, researchers, and partners of the university are invited to participate in games, competitions, and presentations of research activity. Moreover, all the visitors can visit the institute's laboratories and specially arranged stands where different equipment is used by researchers. EHEDG Romania was honoured to have a stand and showcased the importance of hygienic design with a vivid example.



In June 2023, EHEDG organised a seminar which was part of the AGRI-LIFE 2023 International Conference University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest. This is the 12th Edition of the International Conference "Agriculture for Life, Life for Agriculture", taking place under the general theme "Boosting resilience of our agri-food systems" and organised between 8th and 10th of June, 2023. EHEDG brought the topic “Realities, challenges and perspectives in the implementation of the "Hygienic Design" concept in Romania” to the webinar with a presentation by the Chair and co-chair of EHEDG Romania.



In March 2023, EHEDG came back to the GASTROPAN fair organised in Brasov, Romania. The fair brought many demonstrations of the latest machines, accessories, raw materials, etc. in order to bring the most suitable solutions and technology for the operator and producer. This is the second time EHEDG participated and joined the list of professionals in the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry in the fair. To emphasize the importance of hygienic design, EHEDG had a dedicated stand for interpreting hygienic design concepts, welding and drainage system design to optimize the production process. Next to that, a table was prepared with a prototype of the drainage system for the food industry designed by ACO and UCRETE samples as well as a sealing solution from BASF. We can tell that hygienic design is capturing people's attention in the food industry as well as in the medical area.



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