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EHEDG Guideline 57: ‘A Method for the Assessment of Open Process Equipment Cleanability’

Day: day2
Time: 11:50-12:10
Breakout Session

EHEDG has developed and published a new test method for assessing the cleanability of food processing equipment intended to be used in open processing and wet spray cleaned without dismantling. This test will now reinforce the Certification Scheme and provide a practical approach for certifying equipment used in open processing applications. The test follows the basic principles of EHEDG Guideline 2 method and consists of  soiling the piece of equipment to be tested, followed by a mild cleaning procedure and a final assessment. A reference piece is used to monitor correct implementation of the cleaning procedure to differentiate between good and poor design features.  

The reproducibility and repeatability of the test is achieved using an industrial robot to conduct the cleaning procedure in a controlled way using sophisticated 2D mapping software. The degree of cleanliness is based on the removal of a soil containing a UV tracer and is assessed by evaluating the residual soil using a UV light. The test is intended as a basic screening test for identifying areas of poor hygienic design in equipment used in open processes and is not indicative of performance in industrial cleaning situations. You can download (or purchase) EHEDG Guideline 57, ‘A Method for the Assessment of Open Process Equipment Cleanability’ here.  


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